Welcome to Ray Kemp Consulting Limited.
RKCL helps senior managers, project managers, directors and other key decision makers facing issues of public and stakeholder concern.

Prof Ray Kemp, Managing Director of RKCL during a
recent visit to Melbourne.

Here you will find information about us including who we are, what is meant by effective risk communication, the solutions we provide, and sample case studies of our recent work. You will also find some of the many recommendations we have received.

RKCL provides services in the UK and Europe as well as for extended periods in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. The Managing Director is Prof. Ray Kemp, who should be contacted with any questions concerning the company’s services. Ray Kemp Consulting Limited is registered in England and Wales under registration number 5726546.


RKCL provides strategic and applied practical advice on:

Specialist support in risk and crisis management.
Public Perceptions of Risk
Handling controversial health, safety and
environmental issues
Planning and strategy for public engagement
Running workshops
Preparing communications materials, and training
staff dealing with concerned stakeholders
Independent facilitation

RKCL has experience in resolving major public and stakeholder concerns in the following sectors:

Contamination: Asbestos etc.
Mobile Phone Towers Electric power transmission
and Smart Meters
Radioactive Waste Management and Nuclear
Fracking: Oil & Gas exploration
Health & Safety and Environmental Issues
New nuclear power plant, gas storage and
energy infrastructure

Hot Topics: See our ISSUES Page

Mobile Phones and Health
Fracking for Shale Gas

For More Information Please Contact Ray at RKCL


EMERGENCY HOT LINE: +44 7803 242 868

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